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Celebrate World Laughter Day on Saturday May 2

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We are celebrating World Laughter Day in the very best possibly way! Laughter Wellness begins at 10:30 am Saturday at The Little Red Church Healing Centre in Comox.


Any time is a good time to Laugh, but when is the VERY BEST Time To LAUGH?


World Laughter Day

World Laughter Day

It’s when you least feel like Laughing, that is the very best time of all to Laugh. 


If you are unhappy right now, ask yourself this question: “Am I willing to be happy?”


If you answered “YES” but just cannot imagine how you can possibly be happy in your present circumstances, please keep reading…


No matter what you think is creating unhappiness in your life, you can be happy anyway if you are willing.


Here are the scientifically proven facts about Laughter:


Your brain cannot tell the difference between fake and real Laughter when it is done with willingness! And the brain will react to your Laughter by creating brand new pathways called synapses that will fire neurons telling your body that you are feeling good. You will produce happy hormones called endorphins that will elevate your mood and give you what is known as a “runner’s high”.


And suddenly You Are HAPPY!



How do you get started Laughing? Come to Laughter Wellness this Saturday at 10:30 and Susan and Joanne will lead you into Laughter without telling you a single joke!


If you are pretty happy and don’t think that you need to Laugh, think again!


Laughter provides a vigorous workout for the muscles of the face, neck, shoulders and abdomen, strengthens your heart, and regular Laughing boosts your immune system. Leading a busy, serious life, however, can make Laughing more the exception than the rule. If you want to live a happy, healthy, joy-filled life, you need to learn to Laugh.


Bring a friend, your water bottle and your best Laugh, (real or fake) and help us celebrate World Laughter!




Laughter: A Leading Cause of Health! Laugh, Saturday, April 18

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This Saturday at 10:30 am at The Little Red Church Healing Centre, Susan and Joanne will lead you into Laughter Wellness through the practice of Laughter.


Why is Laughter a leading cause of health?



* Boosts Your Immune System

* Lowers Stress Hormones

* Decreases Pain

* Relaxes Muscles

* Prevents Heart Disease (Internal Jogging)


And that’s not all! Come and find out how much better you feel after a Laughter Wellness session. Your mood will improve, you will be adding joy and zest to your life, and you will get great aerobic exercise while Laughing! 


Last Monday Susan and Joanne led about 25 Hospice Volunteers in a Laughter Workshop that almost raised the roof off the beautiful home where it was held. We are hoping that some or all of the wonderful Hospice volunteers who attended the Laughter session will come out this Saturday to Laugh some more.


Joanne and Susan

Joanne and Susan

Upcoming dates for Saturday Laughter Wellness sessions at the LRC Healing Centre are:

April 18, May 2, and May 23


Bring your friends, bring your water bottle, bring your best Laughter!


A $5 donation to cover rent would be appreciated.



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