Jan 222015


There is a 90% chance that it will rain this Saturday, January 24th, BUT there is a 100% chance that if you come with willingness on Saturday to a Laughter Wellness session, you will Laugh and feel better!


Laughing Buddha

Susan and Joanne, your Comox Valley Laughter Leaders say, Laugh at the rain!  Saturday, January 24, the doors open at 10:15 am for another Laughter session that will raise your feel-good hormones, lower your blood pressure, work the muscles in your abdomen, face, neck and shoulders and leave you with an over-all feeling of well being.


That’s WHY we call it LAUGHTER WELLNESS!


Last week, Dandelion, one of the the Laughateers, spontaneously thought up a great Laughter exercise that we all joined in on the spot. She had the Laughter Spirit, that’s for sure. Although our numbers were few, the Laughs were plenty and enormous!


Bring your slippers or over-socks for cozy feet, your water bottle to quench Laughter thirst, your best Laugh to share with people who are not leaving Laughter to chance, that is, unless it’s 100% chance! See you Saturday!

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