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The Next Certified Laughter Yoga Leadership Training

Saturday and Sunday, March 6 and 7, 2010 will be the next training. See below for details.

Are You Getting Enough Laughter in Your Life?

Chances are…not quite enough…we can always use some more laughter, am I right?

Now, you can train to be a Laughter Leader and learn how to integrate laughter more fully into your life.

In this weekend seminar, you will learn:

 How to release and unleash your own personal laughter

 Using laughter for personal and interpersonal transformation

 The philosophy and history of Laughter Yoga

 The physical, emotional, and social benefits of laughter

 The fundamentals of leading Laughter Yoga classes

 Adapting Laughter Yoga for use in a variety of settings (business, non-profit, health care, etc.)

 How to start and market a non profit Laughter Club

Anyone can laugh without relying on jokes, humour or comedy and the body doesn’t know the difference. Learn how to present Laughter Yoga to schools, businesses, social gatherings, hospitals, and much more. Create a Laughter Yoga Club of your own and share your joy and mirth. You will learn how to help others experience…..

A fun new exercise system (no yoga mat required)


Hearty, Unconditional, Extended Laughter


Boost their immune system


Relieve stress


Increase oxygen in the body and brain


Lift their spirits


Connect with people (turn over)


Feel Joyfulness despite the challenges of life  


Sign up for this Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL) training, presented by Matti Anttila, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher.

As a CLYL, you will receive an official Laughter Yoga International training manual and 16 hours of training in all aspects of becoming a successful Laughter Yoga Leader.

$397.00 (including GST)


Dates: Saturday and Sunday, March 6 and 7.

Location: To be announced


To register, or for more information, Call Matti 250.477.8608,

Note: Space is strictly limited at this location, first come, first served. (CLYLs can attend for $25 a day, space permitting)


About your presenter:

Matti Anttila CLYT (Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher) is also a PLD (Professional Laughter Dude)

Background: Farm worker, labourer, busboy, bar waiter,  miner, printer’s apprentice, waiter, mill worker, Rock & Roll Promoter, clerk, taxi driver, radio announcer, baker, entrepreneur, reporter, talk show host, financial planner, Reiki, Vitaflex & Rebirthing Practitioner, marketing manager, wine maker, baby photographer, consultant, 4 Minute Fitness Instructor.

Studies: Judo, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, meditation, massage, dancing, Ashtanga Yoga, herbology, VitaFlex, Aikido, Rebirthing, Reiki, singing, Tai Chi, Qigong, natural healing, 4 Minute Fitness. His years of study lead him to realize that Laughter is, if not the most potent, the most fun of them all!

To register, or for more information,

Call Matti 250-477-8608,

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  2 Responses to “Certified Laughter Yoga Leadership Training”

  1. Hi, Ian:
    GREAT to hear that you are interested in the Training for Leader.
    The person in Victoria who gives Leader training is Matti; you can find his email/phone contact in the writing above. If you need any more help, contact me through this website.
    Alan Pattinson

  2. I just came across Laughter Yoga today while reading “Brain Wellness” by Gary Anaka. It sounds just wonderful! I would like to experience a session soon! I live in Chemainus, so coming up to Courtenay for a single session is a little far, is there a club in Duncan or Nanaimo that I could drop into to experience this? If my experience is what I think it might be, I would be very interested in attending the next Certified Laughter Yoga Leadership Training and starting a free Laughter Yoga Club in Chemainus, or Duncan, or Nanaimo… wherever it is needed in this area. I assume there will be another teacher training? I’m sorry I did not hear about this sooner, I’m sure I would have been at your training in Early March. As Gary Anaka says “Do you sometimes have a constipated expression on your face?” Well, yes I do, and I would like to get rid of it!

    Ian de Voy

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