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The Comox Valley Laughter Yoga Club is FREE and open to all adults, men and women.


Come and laugh with us. Laugh better, feel better, do better!

Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders will help invoke your inner laughter, without jokes, making funny faces, or comedy…..

September 18, 2010 all through to December 18, 2010 (Update: Starting again on January 22, 2011 ). at 1:00 PM, at the Women’s Resource Center in Courtenay, British Columbia.


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#1-1491 McPhee Avenue, Courtenay, BC, V9N 3A3

The Women’s Resource Center is opposite the Courtenay Elementary School on McPhee.




· Drop in, no appointment needed

· About 1 hour

· Wear comfortable clothes

· It’s “internal jogging” without the side effects.

· Bring a water bottle, if you like, and your laugh!

· Non-religious, non-political, non-competitive, non-exploitive, non-perfectionistic, non-threatening, non-competitive, non-cult, non-profit!

· No yoga poses, just breathing and laughing

· No membership fees, although donations to help cover costs are appreciated.

· Scent-free please. As we can do strong breathing in close quarters, perfumes or scents bother some of us. This includes hair spray, lotions, fabric softener, deodorants, anything with scent. We have members who are really sensitive.

“It’s so easy to laugh for no reason at all; it’s contagious – and you feel great afterwards, both physically and mentally.”

“Laughter Yoga is a simple idea: anyone can laugh for no reason all. We don’t need jokes, a sense of humor or comedies to laugh,” explains Dr Kataria.

“We initiate laughter as an exercise in a group, and when we make eye contact with others, it soon turns into real, contagious laughter.”

We all enjoy a good laugh – and here is an opportunity to practice laughing in a safe environment.

“When I am in a negative state, feeling tired, or just lazy, I tell myself to ‘just show up at class’; and it is amazing, every time I leave energized and happy again!” Judy S., Comox

“This is the best thing I have found to lift me up – and it lasts and lasts” Peter W., Nanaimo

“I love to laugh!” Joanna, Vancouver, BC

“It’s helped my breathing a lot.” Jim Swift, Courtenay

If you like to laugh, come and join us. Invoke your laughter.

We start off very simple with clapping, then chanting ‘Ho ho, ha ha ha” to simulate laughter, and then a few simple exercises and yoga breathing. Soon the giggles become real laughter, which can develop into a full belly laugh.

There is nothing like a good belly laugh!


“I tell people who a feeling a bit inhibited or shy, just fake it ’till you make it! It really works.”
Alan Pattinson

An effective way to lift your spirits. Counteract depression with laughter, the best medicine.

Boosts endorphins – just like a runner’s high.

A little laughter goes a long way.

Laugh locally, think globally.

Laughter is contagious, let’s start an epidemic!

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