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Every Friday evening, 1 1/2 hours of laughter!


Held at The Little Blue Studio,  – 4669 on Simpkins Rd in Davis Bay, B.C.

Across from St. John’s United Church ,Also near Davis Bay Community Hall and Teddy Bear Day Care (all share the same playing field) 

Directions: Up Davis Bay Rd turn R on Simpkins Rd ~ little blue studio on the right side.


Duration – 1.5 hour  ( approximately )

Start Time – 7 – 8:30 pm  (arrive a bit B 4 7)


Date – every Friday evening


Suggested donation – $15.00

Wear comfy clothes, Bring drinking water,  Any questions concerns comments

please call me @ 604 885 3995.


 Taking Laughing Seriously for Fun  ~

Cheers ~

Trudi d’Ambrumenil

Laughter Yoga Leader

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  2 Responses to “Davis Bay (Sunshine Coast) Laughter Yoga”

  1. Hi Beverley,

    Thank you for your interest in the Laughter. Your question has been referred to me. My name is Susan from the Laughter group in the Comox Valley, BC. The webpage you were referring to seems to be from the Davis Bay, BC Laughter Group and as such it is an older webpage and the contact info on there is the only source for Davis Bay Laughter that we have.

    If you are in the Davis Bay area, please phone the contact info listed: Trudi d’Ambrumenil 604-885-3995 for more information on that area’s laughter group.

    If however, you are in the Comox Valley area on Vancouver Island, I can answer any questions you may have about our laughter sessions. The dynamics of each group are different, but in general the bulk of the laughter exercises can be performed from either standing or sitting positions, with optional relaxation/laughter on the floor at the very end of the session.

    I hope this helps. Susan

  2. hello – can the yoga be done from seated position [in a chair]? being on the floor isn’t possible for me.

    i look forward to your reply, thank you
    Beverley Merryfield

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