Oct 152011

On 15th october, 2011, Dr Kataria visits one the the 90 (yes, ninety!) Laughter clubs in Mumbai. This is a good showing of how the creator of Laughter Yoga draws a crowd of willing participants. At several points you can hear — in English — “Very good, very good, YEAH!!”


Dr. Kataria’s comments: “Laughter Buddies!!! I passed through Mumbai, the place where Laughter Clubs originated!!! I and Madhuri went to one of the 90 Clubs and What a warm WELCOME!!! SINGING!!! DANCING!!! LAUGHING!!! 150 members get together every morning and they don’t miss even a single day!!! Have a look at this video!!! HA HA HA Love Dr K”


Click the “Play” button to start.

We have Laughter Yoga right here in Courtenay every Saturday (almost!) at 1:30pm at Zen Zero. Come and laugh with us!

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