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Yes, here is your chance to discover the health benefits of sustained laughter, one on a Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse day nonetheless! Two more laughter sessions before Christmas! Dec. 10th and 17th. Some people are still asking if we do contorted postures (as is imagined in some “YOGA” practices) and I have to assure them that we don’t!


The only reference to “Yoga” in “Laughter Yoga” is the breathing exercise, which goes like this: Breath in, breath out. Sort of sounds like ordinary breathing, eh? Well it IS done with a wee bit of control and a dash of consciousness. Overall, it’s laughter exercising – and THAT is worth laughing about! (There is even no need to bring a yoga mat.)


What happens at a Laughter Yoga session? It’s basically simulated laughter exercises which are just simple tension and release exercises based on mime and play. It sounds complicated but  just imagine laughing for no reason. At a Laughter Yoga session, we keep laughing going for a longer time and this is where the health benefits really pay off. It’s simple, easy, and loads of fun!



Two Laughter Yoga  Leaders (Alan and Susan) will be (Dec. 10 Sat. 1:30 Zen Zero) laughing to melt away your pre-holiday stress and uplift you into the true Holiday spirit of merriment, good cheer and heartfelt connections. See and laugh with you there! Alan will be wearing a Santa hat, so you can’t miss him!

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