Apr 172013
Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders

Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders

Are you ready to LAUGH? This Saturday, April 20, we’re getting our LAUGH on because it just feels so good to LAUGH!

Our last Laughter Yoga session brought out 15 people, including several who laughed with us for the very first time. If you’ve been thinking about joining us it’s time to stop all that thinking and start LAUGHING!


Laughing together is a great way to meet new people…you are at your best when you smile or laugh. Have you noticed that it’s easy to approach someone who is smiling?


And when you smile and laugh, you elevate the mood of those around you, diminish their stress levels, and improve the quality of your social interaction with them. This in turn reduces your own stress, now what could be better than that?


We’ll get the laughter going at 10:30 AM exactly. Bring your water bottle, a friend and your best laugh to share with us at Comox United Church, 250 Beach Drive in Comox this Saturday.


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  1. This sounds great! I’m coming this Saturday!

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