Jun 252013

Laughter is fun! Laughter fills your life with joy and happiness. When you see someone laugh, you start feeling good. Laughter is contagious; it’s impossible to keep a straight face in a room full of people laughing. In Laughter Yoga sessions we are laughing for the purpose of feeling good!


ASusan-Alan-hats good belly laugh exercises the diaphragm, contracts the abs and even works the shoulders, leaving muscles more relaxed afterwards. It even provides a good workout for the heart. Laughing 100 times is the equivalent to 10 minutes on the rowing machine or 15 minutes on an exercise bike!


Adults over 18 are invited to attend a one hour Laughter Yoga session beginning at 10:30 AM sharp, on Saturday, June 29 at Comox United Church, 250 Beach Drive near Comox Ave. in Comox. Alan Pattinson and Susan Baker, Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders will co-lead the sessions. They have been a “Laughter Team” for well over a year, leading Laughter Yoga sessions every other Saturday in Comox and once a month at The Views at St Joseph’s Hospital. This will be the last Laughter Yoga session before summer break; new ones will be in September (sign up to receive updates)


When the brain signals the body to laugh, the body doesn’t care why; those feel-good hormones (endorphins) are released and stress is relieved. This quickly boosts the immune system, increases circulation, lowers blood pressure and also provides emotional and psychological release for an overall feeling of well-being.


Feel free to wear bright colors, bring a friend, a water bottle and best of all share the gift of your laughter on Saturday, June 29th at 10:30 AM. (sessions are FREE, but donations to cover costs are appreciated)


Free updates about the Comox Valley Laughter Yoga can be received by email at www.InvokeLaughter.com/subscribe-to-updatesFor more information call Susan at 250-890-0626.

Ho Ho, Ha Ha Ha!

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  1. Hi – just wondering if you have any contacts for instructors or groups in the Ladysmith area. Thanks!

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