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These laughter and breathing exercises were noted as favourites at the Laughter Yoga Leader training in Vancouver Oct. 23 and 24. About 20 new leaders were officially certified as Laughter Yoga Leaders – the word is spreading more and more!  The Breathing Exercises are down this page. Add your comments (and more favourite exercises) at the bottom of the page.


Meringue Hips Laughter
Move hips side-to-side to the beat of 1-2, 1-2, 1-2 and then walk around with your meringue hips. Find a partner and give them a light “meringue hip-check” and then laugh.

Reading Newspaper
(good for sitting or standing) Pretend to read a funny article in newspaper. Point and show it to someone and laugh.

Bowing Elbow Greeting
Put bent elbows out in front of you, and have them bow to others, then laugh.

Bubble Blast
Blow bubbles and then burst them and see what kind of different laughter comes out.

Missed the Bus
Pretend to have just missed the bus, and laugh

Halloween Laughter Treats
Go around and share your Halloween bag of laughter treats.

Green Light / Red Light
“Green light!” – drive around the room. “Amber light!” – go in slow motion. “Red light!” – stop and laugh.

What Are You Doing?
One person starts in center, doing something, someone asks “What are you doing?” The answer will be a new motion, and that gets done. Variance: everyone does the new motion.

Partner up, bum to bum, reach through your legs, give double handshake and laugh. (used when participants are comfortable with each other)

Sumo Wrestler
Connect with partner across room and walk like a heavy, super-strong Sumo wrestler towards them. It gets crowed in the middle.

3 Things at Once
Pat head, rub belly, stick tongue out while walking around room greeting each other.



Roller Coaster Breathing
Breathing out, slide down the roller coaster, breathing in, ride up. Pause at top. After a few rides, laugh on the way down (breath out).

Love Shower Breathing
Start with hands cupped at heart. Extend arms out (exhale/giving). Pull arms back in making heart shape with hands, breath into your “heart” (receiving). Repeat 3x, and on last time on the out-breath, throw your arms up and out with an explosion of “shhhhhhhhhhhh” give everyone a love shower.

Shooting Star Breathing
(good for sitting or standing) In-breath: point with one arm to the sky and follow a shooting star with “Oooooooooooh”, out-breath follows another star with “Aaaaaaaaaaaahhh”.

18-hour Airplane Breathing
After a long airplane ride, being so happy to breath fresh air. In-breath is happy, out-breath is gratitude.


 Print out the original Word document here: Laughter Yoga and Breathing Exercises.  Add more of your favourite exercises below!

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  1. I usually put a notice up on this website if I hear of a new training session. Leader Certificate (2 days) allows you to lead classes, and Teaching Certificate (5 days) allows teaching to people to become Leaders.

  2. Hi! Just wondering what the particulars are for the next training session. You would become a certified teacher? Thanks Cathy

  3. Put this on your calendars: NEXT LEADER TRAINING! is set for April 20,21,22, 2012.

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