Oct 062011

No Courtenay Laughter session this Sat. Oct. 8!   Seriously!


If you REALLY WANT to REALLY LAUGH, there is a Laughter Yoga Leader training this weekend in Parksville. Very special as it is a fundraiser for Cambodian children. I talked with the teacher Doreen today and she said it is definately a go, with lots of sign-ups (15+). Starts Friday evening with a free introduction, and then two days of laughing and learning about leading laughter groups, and more laughing, some background history about Laughter Yoga, more laughing exercises, how to start a group, more laughing. Note the location has changed to http://g.co/maps/rhz5z (updated on Thursday)


I took my first training from Doreen and really enjoyed it; she is a great teacher. She learned from Doctor Kateria, the founder.

You can read more about this weekend’s training  here: http://www.invokelaughter.com/leader-training-a-fundraiser-oct-7-9-2011/


UPDATED Parksville location map: http://g.co/maps/rhz5z (new updated!)


Ho ho, ha ha ha!!! Very good, very good, Yeahhhh!!!


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  3 Responses to “Laughter News… (here’s your chance!)”

  1. B. says….
    ha-ha-ha-have a great time Alan!!

  2. Wow, what a great time! More Laughter Yoga Leaders in the world!

  3. Note that the address has changed again: http://g.co/maps/rhz5z

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