Jan 062015
Joanne and Susan

Joanne and Susan



A reminder that the doors to Laughter open this Saturday at 10:15 am  at the Little Red Church Healing Centre, 243 Alpine St in Comox, and we will begin the Laughter promptly at 10:30 am


Join us to give your vibrational alignment a positively major tweek by Laughing your way to a joyful attitude!


Register if possible:   or 

But! Drop-ins are most welcome!


$5 minimum donation requested at door.

Open to all adults 18 and over.


Susan and Joanne, your Laughter Leaders, want to give a huge THANK YOU to Alan Pattinson, webmaster, creator and owner of this website for his generosity and kindness in supporting us through the use of this site and by his donation of Laughter materials to our new Laughter Wellness sessions. Hip Hip Hooray!





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