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Vancouver Island Laughter

  • Comox Valley Laughter Yoga Club on Facebook! - The official Comox Valley Laughter Club Facebook page - visit, join, and come to a session.
  • Laugh in Port Alberni, BC - (no link) Laugh in Port Alberni! Sunday afternoons, 2:30pm, location: West Coast General Hospital, Port Alberni, B.C. Contact Ellie Belly Laff, Phone 1 250-723-0548, Email:
  • Laughter Exercises Nanaimo - Laughtercises combine therapeutic laughter with healing humor and expand on the "laugh for no reason" concept of Laughter Yoga. Scientific research has proven laughter triggers the pleasure centers in the brain and happiness chemicals are produced...
  • Laughter Yoga in Nanaimo - To check out Laughter Yoga in Nanaimo. Organized by Line Brunet, 250-756-0811.
  • Victoria Laughter Yoga Club - Several Laughter Clubs meet weekly in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Victoria Laughter Yoga Schedules - Times and days of Laughter Yoga in Victoria, B.C., updated fairly regular. It is always a good idea to phone ahead to double-check the info. Have a good laugh!

International Laughter

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