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(reminder: no Comox Valley session Nov. 12, 2011; next is Nov.19)

Can you imagine?


It is possible.




My name is Matti Anttila. I’m a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher.


Other than that, I am just like you.


An ordinary guy making his way in the world with challenges just like all of us.


Am I happy 24/7?


Pretty well. I know you may find it hard to believe.


But what happened for me was Laughter Yoga. Laughter Yoga allowed me to find a “switch” inside that I can turn on whenever and, this is important, wherever I choose.


That “switch” causes a cascade to happen. It is a physical sensation that bring a smile to my face, and warms up my belly. A side effect is my vision has become clear.


I had bought a magnifying glass to read in bed with. When I found this “switch,” the print that was all fuzzy on the page became clear. You don’t think I felt even better when that happened? Of course I did.


Laughter Yoga is the start, the base of this process that made these changes inside of me.


It took me two and a half years of Laughter Yoga for that “switch” to be turned on.


But it won’t take you that long. I have since discovered a way to turn on that switch within a matter of minutes.


It does take some preparation to get to the point where flicking the switch actually makes the “electrical” connection and turns on the happiness.


That is what you will find out during the two day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training November 19th and 20th.


It’s an investment of time, energy and some money, but what is it worth to be happy 24/7?


What is it worth to have access to a “technique” or “tool” that can turn that “switch” inside of you?


What’s your answer?


Mine is: It’s priceless. You can’t put a price on that.


I spent two and a half years and flew to Finland to get trained by the founder of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria.


I felt I was on to something very special. And this spring, I proved it to myself when I found that switch.


Now, let me help you find it inside of you.


Your investment in yourself: $397.00 for a full two days to become certified as a Laughter Yoga Leader. And to find the switch to feel happy 24/7.


Email me or call me by one week prior to register and you qualify for a $50 reduction. That is by November 12th. E: or or 250.477.8608.


Love, Leaps and Laughter

Matti Anttila

P.S. Is it really possible to be happy 24/7? All the time??? I found what does it for me…almost all the time. It is not rocket science and actually quite simple. I will show you how I do it and how you can too, at the Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training Nov. 19th & 20th. $397.00 is such a bargain. You pay more than that for a flat screen TV and it only makes you happy for a short time after you buy it. That’s the problem with the “consumer society.” The “stuff” we buy to make ourselves happier only does so for a short time.


So this is an investment that pays and pays and pays…for the rest of your life. The dividend it pays? A “technique” or “tool” that you can use whenever and wherever you want to create that feeling of smiling warmth that we call “happiness.”


Email me or call me by one week prior to register and you qualify for a $50 reduction. That is by November 12th. E: or or 250.477.8608.


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  1. Is this going to be offered again in the future?

  2. this sounds really interesting, Matti.

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