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 The Laughter Yoga Leader Boot Camp!


Dec 4 & 5 (Sat & Sun), 2010


Are You Getting Enough Laughter in Your Life?

Chances are…not quite enough…we can always use some more laughter, am I right?

Now, you can train to be a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and learn how to integrate laughter more fully into your life.

In this weekend seminar, you will learn:

( How to release and unleash your own personal laughter

( Using laughter for personal and interpersonal transformation

( The philosophy and history of Laughter Yoga

( The physical, emotional, and social benefits of laughter

( The fundamentals of leading Laughter Yoga classes

( Adapting Laughter Yoga for use in a variety of settings (business,

non-profit, health care, etc.)

( How to start and market a non-profit Laughter Club.


Read the PDF: Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training


Anyone can laugh without relying on jokes, humour or comedy and the body doesn’t know the difference. Learn how to present Laughter Yoga to schools, businesses, social gatherings, hospitals, and much more.

Create a Laughter Yoga Club of your own and share your joy and mirth.

You will learn how to help others experience…

( A fun new exercise system (no yoga mat required)

( Hearty, Unconditional, Extended Laughter

( Boost their immune system

( Relieve stress

( Increase oxygen in the body and brain

( Lift their spirits

( Connect with people

( Feel Joyfulness despite the challenges of life


Sign up for this Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL) training,

presented by Matti Anttila CLYT (Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher)


As a CLYL, you will receive an official Laughter Yoga International training manual and 16 hours of training in all aspects of becoming a successful Laughter Yoga Leader.


Dates: Saturday and Sunday, Dec 4 & 5: 9am to 5pm, 2010

Location: Upper Quadra Street vicinity.

Your investment: $395. Early Bird Registration $50 discount if registered by November 27, 2010.

Further: partial scholarships are available: by Laughter Negotiation.

Curious? Call Matti at: 250.477.8608

PLUS: Using “State of the Art Learning Protocols,” you will learn how to effectively lead a Laughter Yoga session.


Many of us expect learning to take some time. We use the most recent research into how we learn to effectively shorten that learning curve. Hint: Fun is a large part of it. Movement is another.

Having fun while moving, laughing, increasing our oxygen intake and supporting each other in the process, we can and do learn how to lead an exciting, joyful Laughter Yoga session that participants can enjoy and want to return to.

To register, or for more information, Call Matti 250.477.8608,


Note: Space is strictly limited. We have kept First come, first served.

About your instructor:

Matti Anttila CLYT (Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher) is also a PLD (Professional Laughter Dude) & 4 Minute Fitness Instructor.


“Life is a grand adventure or it’s nothing.” -Helen Keller

Long before I read that quote, I decided not to go a traditional route.

Working hard to age 65, retiring exhausted and then dying shortly thereafter was not an appealing career path.

Thus, I pursued a number of opportunities as they came up: Promoting rock and roll performances, driving taxi, Disc Jockey, radio reporter and talk show host. I have owned a bakery and restaurant, been a financial planner, baby photographer and most recently a consultant.

My most passionate interest is in health, fitness, longevity and human potential. It seems many of us humans only realize a minute, infantessimally small portion of our full potential. Hence, Laughter Yoga, which can help to free us of many of the blocks to creativity and our potential.

Studies: Judo, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, meditation, massage, dancing, Ashtanga Yoga, herbology, VitaFlex, Aikido, Rebirthing, Reiki, singing, Tai Chi, Qigong, natural healing, 4 Minute Fitness, Laughter Yoga, Hot Yoga, The Presence Process.

To register, or for more information,

Call Matti 250-477-8608,

Love, Leaps and Laughter,




What Laughter Yoga Leaders said about Matti’s Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders training:

Awesome, fun, energetic. All the happy things that go with laughter.” – Gina Davis. Victoria, BC.


“Great energy. Useful repetition. Small group helpful. A truly unique and enriching experience.” -Jeremy Bally, Victoria, BC.


“Made me feel +++ alive. Team building. Creates ++ inner power. Rejuvenating +++.” -Taryn Andersen, Victoria, BC.


“I have been inspired by Matti to start a laugh Yoga club and continue spreading laughter & love through the world. Love, Tickles.” -Jennifer Burke, aka “Tickles, the Clown.” Victoria, BC, Canada.


“This was a great & magnificent weekend. I’m sad the weekend went by so quickly.

Matti has inspired me to start my own laughter club so I may spread laughter and the joy of being.

Matti has strong leadership skills and knows how to lead sessions in a productive & organized fashion. He is knowledgable in the material and is a great instructor.

Thank you so much, Matti! …


Thank you again for an enjoyable and fun weekend. I learned so much from you and really enjoyed your passion and method of delivering the teachings to our group… I also want to thank you for helping me feel comfortable and teaching me a new way of learning by using ‘motion.’ That was very powerful to me this weekend. By moving around, I felt super connected to my body and was able to present from the heart. What a great experience!

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  2 Responses to “Learn to be a LY Leader! Dec. 4-5”

  1. I want to come to the next laughter yoga training, sorry I couldn’t make it this time! It sounds like loads of good benefits.

  2. Hi Matti , I found a smile on my face reading your
    ” background ” , it would be great to email or chat a conversation with you.
    I am a Laughter Yoga Leader a year now and just starting to get request for some fun gigs …….

    Laughter and De light
    ho ho ha ha ha

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