Feb 192015


This Saturday, February 21st the doors open at 10:15 am for the Laughter Wellness session starting at 10:30 precisely!   The Little Red Church Healing Centre at 243 Alpine St in Comox is a warm and welcoming space where Joanne will be leading you all into the Laughs that will set  your day up for happiness.

Laughter Yoga Joanne (3) Dec 2014


Did you know that it’s been proven that if you LAUGH more, you will LIVE longer?


And the more you LAUGH, the more you LOVE to LAUGH


And the longer you will want to LIVE! And LOVE…..and LAUGH!


We all tend to take ourselves and our little lives so very seriously indeed! Laughter Wellness will gently lead you toward the realization that nothing is quite so serious as we scare ourselves into believing.


And…it’s Joanne’s first solo Laughter session, so your Laughing support is extra welcome. Bring a friend, your water bottle and your favorite Laugh on Saturday – just for the fun of it!




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