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Lots of  Laughter Training sessions coming up. Besides Parksville on Oct. 7 – 9, read about Vancouver on Oct. 21 – 23. These are wonderful laughter-filled days!

Laughter Yoga Leader Training

Laughter Yoga Leader Training


Hello Laughter Lovelies,

The next fabulous Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training is taking place on October 21, 22, 23, 2011.  Farah Moolji Nazarali has passed the Laughter Leader Trainer torch to us, The 3 Laffateers.  Most of you know us 3 Laffateers.  We are Dr. Kamim Al-Mashat, Seia Roots and Maita Bird. We are all certified experienced Laughter Yoga Leaders as well as professional educators and facilitators.
We are planning a super-duper-fun interactive weekend training and we invite you to join us at Rhodes Wellness College at #280-1125 Howe Street in Downtown, Vancouver. As usual, Friday night is free and Saturday and Sunday are only $25 for each day for Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders.  So come on out and see you old and new laughter friends, enhance your leadership skills and share lots of laughs together.    
At this transformative laughter weekend you will review:·         The physical, emotional and social benefits of laughter
·         How to simulate laughter to stimulate laughter
·         To release and unleash your own personal laughter
·         The philosophy and history of Laughter Yoga
·         The science of smiling and laughter’s great health benefits
·         The fundamentals of leading a laughter session
·         How to start and market your own Laughter Club
·         To adapt Laughter exercises to use in your personal and professional life (corporate, non-profit, health care, seniors, etc.) 

*Friday Oct. 21, 7pm- 9pm (Come check it out!  Friday night is FREE for everyone)

Saturday Oct. 22, 9am- 5pm

Sunday Oct. 23, 9am – 5pm


Cost for Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders:

Saturday and Sunday are $25 for each day

Please note that Leaders may attend Saturday, or Saturday and Sunday together, but not Sunday alone to allow new participants to bond as a group.


Cost for new Trainees:

Early Bird – $349 (by October 1, 2011)

Early Bird discount – sign up with a friend and get 25% off each – $261.75 each

Regular – $395

Regular discount – sign up with a friend and get 25% off each – $296.25 each




Here’s a bit about The 3 Laffateers:

Dr. Kasim Al-Mashat is a registered counsellor whose interest in mental, physical and emotional wellness led him to Laughter Yoga in 2007.  He was certified as a Laughter Yoga Teacher by the founder of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria, and is passionate about leading and teaching Laughter Yoga.


Seia Roots works as a community educator with the Canadian Mental Health Association (since 2002).  With a lifetime passion and dedication for expressive healing arts, Seia enjoys connecting people with the many benefits Laughter Yoga has to offer.


Maita Bird is a certified wellness coach and yoga teacher who also teaches English at Vancouver Community College, surprising her delighted students with laughter exercises in the classroom.  Co-facilitating the Laughter Leader Training with Farah Moolji Nazarali since 2009, Maita is looking forward to laughing with you this fall.


To learn more go to or contact us at: 


Maita Bird @ 604 782 3066

 I can email you an introductory email to pass to anyone who would benefit from this dynamic training




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  3 Responses to “LY Leader Training – Oct.21-23 – Vancouver”

  1. Hi Janet:
    When I hear of another Laughter Yoga Leader training, I will put it on this website. Sign up with your email and you can get notifications, automatically, of new posts. The Vancouver Training was a blast!

    We will be having a session this Saturday at Zen Zero at 1:30, hope to see you there,

  2. I found the cost. Thanks.

  3. Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha to you.

    I did some sessions of Laughter Yoga in Montreal. Have recently moved to Vancouver Island and my idea of becoming a trainer has been re-ignited. Darn, I just missed a training in Vancouver. Do you know when there will be another training that would on Vancouver Island or in Vancouver.
    What is the cost?


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