Feb 052015

Saturday, February 7,  2015, at 10:30 am precisely, you are invited to join in our ‘Random Acts of Laughter’ at The Little Red Church Healing Centre in Comox.


Who performs these Random Acts of Laughter?laughteryoga (14)


People – like you and me…


who Laugh…..randomly…..for no reason…..with other people…..


who Laugh…..for no reason.


Well, that’s not quite true. They Laugh on purpose with many purposes:


Wellness – Happiness – Health – World Peace – Friendship – Fun – Creativity –


And for the Pure Joy of Laughing.


Each Laughter session this year has successfully boosted the endorphins of dozens of ‘laughateers’ creating those good vibrations that bring overall feelings of happiness while stimulating the immune system and relieving stress.


Try a Random Act of Laughter and move beyond the limits of the human condition to a place of high fun and frivolity.


$5 Donation at door is appreciated. Look to your left to see Little Red Church location map. Doors open at 10:15 am

See you on Saturday,


Laughing Randomly,  Susan


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