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We had a presentation of Laughter Yoga for the seniors at D’esterre House, Comox Seniors Center, in December, 2011, and in conducting research, I found the following videos about Laughter Yoga for Seniors, and people seated and in wheelchairs, etc. Talk about being inspriational! Lots of great benefits not only for the seniors, but to people in general!

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Seniors in New York – This video is courtesy abc news channel 7 which shows Beverly Burns, a certified LY teacher doing a Laughter Yoga session at a senior center New York. She was trained by Dr Kataria in Germany.

Laughter Yoga for Seniors – Jeffrey Briar shows his daily Laguna Beach  Laughter Club. He started with 1 person (himself) and now has a steady following.

A sit-down only Laughter Yoga session shows that you don’t have to stand up to laugh. A major part of Laughter Yoga is movement, and here are som egreat ways to modify a session for those who are seated. Click on the > to play the video.


Seated or wheelchair Laughter Yoga sessions… Carmela’s Laughter Yoga Session at Merrill Gardens in Sonoma County, USA is the first Laughter Yoga Club in the USA devoted to practicing seated in chairs or using wheelchairs. The whole gang is enjoying clapping, breath work, playful laughter exercises and group interaction in a community setting.

Excellent video excerpt by Allan O’ Meara a certified laughter yoga teacher from Vancouver, Canada who has been trained by Dr Kataria. He shows different techniques of doing laughter yoga session with seniors. He has also given important guidelines about conducting laughter session with elderly people while they are sitting on chairs.

Laughter Yoga for Seniors 80 years old Laughter Yoga is a revolutionary way for older people to release energy and adapt to their surroundings. “Laughter is the best medicine”. From Manhatten, New York.

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  1. Have you done any laughter work with seniors whose memory is gone and/or are uncommunicative? Where can I get information about this?

  2. There are two types of certification, to be a Leader, and to be a Teacher.

    Matti, in Victoria, gives Leader Training a few times a year. Contact him at:

  3. Interesting in more information regarding this program and how to get certified.

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