Mar 192015


Celebrate the first full day of spring by Laughing your way to great health and well being this Saturday, March 21st at 10:30 am at the Little Red Church Healing Centre, 243 Alpine St, Comox. This Laughter Wellness session is one that you will not want to miss!

Joanne and Susan

Joanne and Susan


The March Spring Equinox is often celebrated in the Northern Hemisphere with festivals, ceremonies and other events that evoke an optimistic joy for the lightness and beauty of spring. There is no better way to celebrate life than with a good hearty Laugh!


In a Laughter Wellness session we practice adding joy and zest to our lives by Laughing together, sending a strong message to our heads and hearts that we are willing to take ourselves less seriously in order to experience better health.


In a Laughter Wellness session it takes less an hour to:

*Lower your Stress Hormones

*Decrease Pain

*Relax Muscles

*Boost Immune System

*Prevent Heart Disease

*Improve your Mood

*Ease Anxiety and Fear….PLUS



Laughter is internal jogging! There are plenty of external body workouts available, but Laughter is a workout for your insides! This makes it the best aerobic exercise because you are working out all your internal organs, giving a ‘massage’ to the intestines and other organs thus increasing their blood supply and efficiency.


Celebrate the joyful new life of the Spring season by choosing to Spring into Laughter with your Comox Valley Laughter Ladies: Susan and Joanne.


Bring a friend, your water bottle and your favorite Laugh. See you Saturday!

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