Jun 172011

Come to Laughter Yoga this 2011 summer – outside! right near the Pavilion in the  Simms Millenium Park in Courtenay, B.C. 10:30 AM.

On these Saturday mornings:

Saturday, June 25
Saturday, July 23
Saturday, August 13
Saturday, August 27

Come and join in the laughter – it’s free, liberating, and fun!

Ho ho, ha ha ha!

Simms Milenium Park is opposite Lewis Park, next to the Fifth Street bridge in Courtenay. Google map



BONUS video:
A Buddha talks: LAUGHING BUDDHAS:  How Grief Can be Eased by Laughter. Wonderful explanation: You may enjoy this video…lots. “What is freedom?” is answered here as well. “amazing moments of liberating laughter…”  at about 7 minutes into this 10 minute video, they just can’t stop laughing… I enjoyed this one very much! Alan


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