Nov 042011

Akiko is  — not really — the boss of the Comox Valley Laughter Yoga; however she started this unique form of yoga over 6 years ago in Courtenay, and has helped many people benefit from laughing over the years. Since she will not be able to attend this Saturday’s Laughter Yoga session, the two *certified* leaders Alan and Susan will be having some fun *stumbling through* leading a one-hour session in their own unique ways.

Laughter Yoga is hilariously fun, has specific health benefits, and is low cost, so bring your body and a buddy down on Saturday for some great laughs. For those memory-challenged, put this event in your day-timer and we will see you there!  🙂

1:30 – 2:30 pm Saturday Nov.5, Zen Zero in Courtenay, by donation.

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  1. If we hear of one, we will post it on this website. If you sign up for updates (Subscribe on the right-hand side) you will get an email. Hope this helps!

  2. Could you tell me when your next instructor’s training will take place on Vancouver Island and how much it would cost?

    Thank you. Tracy

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