Videos Worth Watching

These videos about laughing, laughter yoga, showing people laughing, laughing exercises, etc. are worth watching! If you need a little “pick-up” in your day (or night!) watch a few happy, laughing videos. Norman Cousins, who had a very serious disease, found that by watching funny movies helped him have a full recovery.


Click on the “Play” button in the middle of any video to start… If you know of any *excellent* laughing videos, please send to us.


Watch the Laughter Wellness interview on Shaw TV

Thanks to Marjorie Greaves of Shaw TV Campbell River for filming our class.

Incredible Laughter Yoga Beach Meditation

Laughter Meditation on the beach of Frontignan with Corinne Cosseron, founder of the International School of Laughter. September 2009.

Laughing Meditation Workshop

On January 7, 2012, during a Shinzen Young retreat, Stephanie Nash guided a Laughing Meditation Workshop, explaining the benefits, showing “warm-ups”, and spoke of strategies of allowing laughter to help decrease suffering and elevate fulfillment in our daily life. She explains how to laugh on cue, as actors must do, but not by faking it, but by doing the REAL laughing. It’s 28 minutes worth watching, and has 10 minutes of continuous laughter! It  elevates your mood. One of my favorites!

How To Conduct a Laughter Club – Part Two

This is a great guideline video (10 minutes) for Leaders of Laughter Yoga classes. It is also a general guide for newbies as to what happens during a session. (But there is nothing like experiencing it yourself in the real world; it is a participatiory experience, so get down to your local Laughter Club soon!)

Emphasis is on creating a bond in the group, relationships, etc. This video is from Sydney Australia,

You might want to have your mouse overtop of the video, and be ready to stop it at anytime, as there is a lot of information coming in sometimes. One click on the video pauses it, and another click over the video will continue it on…

Three Adults Just Sitting and Laughing

Three people sitting laughing for the full video, about 3 minutes long. One is a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher. Can you guess which one?

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