Jan 152015



Our first Laughter session of the year last Saturday was a rousing success! There were 18 of us Laughateers (pronounced like ‘Mousekateer’) with 7 people attending their very first Laughter Wellness session! Thank you all for for sharing your infectious and contagious Laughter!

Joanne and Susan

Joanne and Susan


Joanne said that this week she found herself Laughing at something that happened with her family instead of becoming irritated. A perfect example of how Laughter can be a stress-buster and promotes Wellness.


Come back Laughateers! Join Susan and Joannne in more Laughs and fun. Laugh the January blues into oblivion this Saturday, January 17th. Doors open at 10:15 am and the Laughter begins at precisely 10:30. Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha!!!








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