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Hi, and welcome to the Laughter Club. Every Saturday at 1:00 PM in Courtenay!


Here are some notes that may be useful to keep in mind while attending a Laughter Club.


  1. We are here to practise laughing, to bring out the laughter that is within each of us, and to encourage more laughter in our lives.
  2. There is no need to make funny faces,  “be funny”, or crack jokes in order to make someone else laugh. The laughter exercises will bring out the laugh within each of us. Just do your own exercises and follow the directions of the leaders.
  3. It is through physical movement (“motion creates emotion”) and eye contact (“laughter is contagious”) that helps to bring out the true laughs within.
  4. Eye contact with others in the group is very important. It helps to see another smiling, laughing face – laughter is contagious, and this helps it to spread. The “mirror neurons effect” – we mirror back what we see.
  5. The exercises have been crafted to invoke laughter, you just need to follow along. It’s easy to do this.
  6. “Fake it until you make it” – yes, you may have to ‘push’ a little simulated laugh to encourage your inner laughter to show up.
  7. The main point is to have a good belly laugh, so if you find yourself judging others, or yourself, it’s time to lighten up!
  8. The Laughter Meditation, near the end of a session, is the favorite part for many people. No talking here, just be in the moment, enjoy the energy, oh- and laugh if you feel like it!
  9. The world mission of Laughter Yoga is to spread peace through laughter – how wonderful!
  10. Help spread the laughter – bring your friends to the next session!

Thanks for attending a Laughter Session! Integrate it into your life!


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