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The very first Laughter Yoga session in Country Roads RV Park, Yuma, Arizona, USA, will be on Friday, December 7, 2012. If you are in the area, over 18 years, be sure to drop in for some hilarity and health! Everyone can do Laughter Yoga – no experience required! We all know the benefits of laughter, and here is an opportunity to discover the benefits of sustained laughter – greater heart rate, more endorphins in your brain, uplifted mood…

Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders Alan and Susan will be offering a FREE one-hour class at 2 PM in the main Ballroom hall. Come early to register. Reduce any stresses, ease aches and pains, promote relaxation and healing, and sleep better. Laughter IS the BEST medicine.


Country Roads is located at 5707 E. 32nd. St, Yuma, Arizona, 85365


What is Laughter Yoga?


Laughter Yoga started in 1995 inIndia, and has spread to more than 65 countries around the world. A Laughter Yoga session begins with a brief introduction to the simple way we practice laughing. Your Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders, Alan and Susan will guide you through easy group exercises that involve eye-contact and child-like behaviours, and then the fun begins!!



Soon you will be enjoying authentic laughter and experiencing firsthand the many health benefits that result from laughing. People do laugh throughout the day, however it is for “short bursts”. This session will be a safe place to experience extended laughter.

Where does the ‘Yoga’ part come in?


Every once in a while we will do some breathing exercises similar to those used in yoga classes. This increases the energy and oxygen to the brain, making us feel more healthy and energetic.

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  2. No, that was a one-time event.

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